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Are you prepared for TEOTWAWKI?  Expanding on the contents of the book Absolute Anarchy, Interactive Study Guide to Surviving the Coming Collapse, by Johnny Jacks, this Prepper Academy will put you in a position of readiness when the inevitable collapse arrives.  The more courses you work through will equate to the greater your knowledge and skillset you will have to deal with the insuing anarchy after the collapse.  Start now with our free Introductory course to get an understanding of the scope of these all important courses to maintain your well-being after the fall.


Course 1 – Introduction

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Course 2 – Potential for Societal Collapse

This course analyzes manmade and natural events that have the potential to trigger a societal collapse and result in a state of absolute anarchy.  Upon completion of this course, you will know potential events that could bring about a state of anarchy and be able to describe how a state of anarchy would unfold.

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